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Welcome to Svensk Fruktimport 

With our long experience of import as well as the Swedish market we have good and permanent relations to exporters,

growers and wholesale dealers in Sweden, Norway and Finland.


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Our main business concept is for our salespeople to have a close contact with both seller and buyer, to ensure that we are always well-informed of the market. In order to offer our clients as low prices as possible, our own financial department and our administrative systems ensure that we are working in a cost-effective way. Together with our staff, exporters, growers and transport companies we work according to our environmental policy.


Our motto nearly speaks for it self:

Big enough to serve you - small enough to know you


Welcome to contact us at Svensk Fruktimport

Svensk Fruktimport AB
Knut Påls väg 2A | 256 69 Helsingborg | Tel: 042-157400 | Fax: 042-157407 |Lager: 042-165100
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